Carers Alliance Petition to Government

Carers in Aotearoa are burning out – they need your help. Sign the petition!

Over the last year, Carers NZ have published the findings of surveys they have conducted on carers in Aotearoa.

Outcomes included:

• a State of Caring report (August 2022) which exposed consistent key themes such as:

- caring seriously impacts the wellbeing of carers

- formal support for carers is lacking

- the challenges of juggling work, finances and caring are huge

- there is limited access to respite and time out options that work.

• a report detailing the economic contribution and sacrifices made by carers (November 2022)

• an infographic showing the economics contribution of whānau carers (April 2023)

In the light of these findings, a petition has been launched to help carers around the motu.

Please join the Carers Alliance of 56 national not-for-profit agencies in advocating for the establishment of a Minister or Commissioner for family, whānau and āiga (Pacifika families) carers, and the development of protective legislation, programmes and services to sustain carers physically, mentally, and financially.

Petition request: "That the House of Representatives establish a Minister or Commissioner for family carers, and develop protective legislation, programmes, and services to sustain carers physically, mentally, and financially."

Carers Alliance say: "Sign the petition now to help carers get the recognition and support they deserve. Let's make sure that choosing to care for our loved ones is not a path to poverty and burnout. Together, we can make a difference for millions of carers and their families.

Join us now in asking: They Care. We Care. Do you Care?"

Click on this link to sign the petition today – the deadline has now been extended to January 31, 2024.

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