Early Childhood Education: 'Through Different Eyes'

Evidence-based research shows that individuals with a neurodevelopmental disorder such as FASD who receive early interventions and support will have markedly better long-term life outcomes than those whose disability goes unrecognised and therefore unsupported.

Those working in the early childhood education sector play a huge role in supporting children and whānau as they navigate their way through the first years of life.

NOFASD Australia together with Early Childhood Australia have developed a comprehensive suite of resources designed to give early childhood educators research-based strategies designed to meet the diverse needs of children with FASD.

The 'Through Different Eyes' suite of resources was launched on 9th September 2022. They're designed to raise awareness of FASD for those working in the Early Childhood sector to help build educator knowledge, skills and understanding, but they'll also be useful for families where a child has either diagnosed or suspected FASD.

There's an educator's guide, a poster, a brochure and some videos in the group of resources.

Find out more here about the 'Through Different Eyes' resources.