Eyebite Cards to purchase (NZ only)

PLEASE NOTE: We ask you to limit purchases of packs of Eyebite cards to 10 – for larger amounts could you please email us with your order. Thank you.

These cards have been developed by Oranga Tamariki for use by caregivers and professionals working with individuals with FASD. They are the size of a pack of playing cards and are designed to help caregivers and frontline professionals (educators, social workers etc) as practice triggers for planning and reflection.

Consider how cards apply to the situation and use them to help to find ideas to confirm or improve your practice or decision making. They can be used in a number of ways including:

  1. Helping plan strategies for engagement with people with FASD
  2. Helping to remember some of the key effective strategies to use when trying to address the symptoms of FASD
  3. Use as a means of reflection after an event or incident with an individual with FASD, particularly if that may not have gone as well as you may have hoped.

A pack of cards cost $5-00 each. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only available within New Zealand.

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