FASD-CAN Hui Travel Subsidy

You are eligible to apply for a subsidy if you are a caregiver/whānau of a person with FASD, OR if you are a person with FASD (or suspected to have FASD), whether you are a member or not.

The maximum amount available for a travel grant for caregivers/whānau is dependent on how far you have to travel to attend the Hui, as set out below.


Northland $100-00
Auckland  not available
Waikato/Bay of Plenty $100-00
Rest of North Island $350-00
South Island $500-00



  • Travel grants are a subsidy only, and not intended to cover the full costs of travel to the hui. Except in special circumstances (see last point below), they are to be paid retrospectively, upon receipt of travel receipts. 
  • Applicants for travel grants are requested to keep their costs as reasonable as possible due to the limited funding pool FASD-CAN has available.
  • Professional members are not eligible for a travel grant.
  • A travel grant to the maximum amount set out in the table above will be paid to successful applicants after they have sent all travel-related receipts in one email to: [email protected]
  • FASD-CAN will pay the lesser of actual costs submitted or the maximum amount allowable according to your location.
  • The maximum grant amount per family is $500-00. However, the family grant does not include a person with FASD. They are eligible to apply for their own separate grant, including the actual costs of travel and accommodation up to a maximum of $500, supported by receipts.
  • For those on a low income who may need additional support to attend the Annual Hui, you are encouraged to make an application explaining your situation, which will be favourably considered.
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