Video: FASD in the workplace by Oranga Tamariki


Supporting people with FASD into a job is an enormous step on the way to helping them avoid the secondary disabilities of mental health issues, crime. A social worker's role in helping a young person with FASD avoid secondary disabilities can be daunting unless they can first see the possibilities for people with this severe brain difficulty, then understand what it takes and their own role in making things work well for people with FASD.

In this video from Oranga Tamariki, you will see how the employer intuitively used FASD practice to develop a young person with FASD in the workforce. The FASD Eyebite cards, used to guide social workers interacting with tamariki with FASD, are also used in this video to demonstrate that the same FASD principles can also assist the person with FASD in the workplace.

The video also points out areas where extra support outside of the workplace is needed to enable employment to be maintained. While the employer in this case took the initiative to support the young person in out of work areas, social work input is important in this area to shore up the chance of achieving, starting and maintaining employment, income and the ensuing lifelong benefits. Click here or on the pic below to watch the video.