Uruwhenua Hauora | Health Passport

A Health Passport is a booklet that you can take with you when you visit a health or disability service provider, or anywhere that you may need to communicate information about yourself and your FASD in a quick and easy way.

It contains information that you want these people to know so they can communicate with you in a way you will understand, and tells them how they can best support you.

Having a Health Passport with you when you visit places like your doctor or a hospital can help take some of the pressure off having to remember or explain things about your particular health or neurodiversity needs.

The Health and Disability Commission in Aotearoa New Zealand has developed this resource and you can find out more information about it at their website.  It comes in different sizes and formats – you choose what will suit you best. And you can either fill it in by writing in the booklet, or you can download a copy and type in your information, and then print the booklet. There is also a guide that tells you how to fill in the booklet. Ask for help to do this if you find it confusing or difficult.

To download a copy of the booklet, click here