What Lawyers Need To Know: NZ Public Defence Service Webinars

In April 2022, the NZ Public Defence Service created a two-part webinar series for their staff across Aotearoa, specifically focusing on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in the NZ Justice system. 

Speakers include Peter Hutchinson, Director of the Public Defence Service; Dr Valerie McGinn, Forensic Neuropsychologist; William Edwards, Deputy Public Defender, Los Angeles County Public Defender in the Mental Health Court, and Dr Brandon Birath, Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

FASD-CAN is extremely grateful to the Public Defence Service for allowing us to bring access to these important and ground-breaking webinars to justice staff across the motu.

Part One concerns the nature of FASD and how it presents, with a focus on why FASD should be recognised as a developmental disability that has implications for the criminal justice system. 

Click here for Part One.

Part Two looks at legal recognition of those with FASD within the system and effective ways for lawyers to work with them for better outcomes.

Click here for Part Two. 


Peter Hutchinson, PDS