Uni of Auckland education survey results in

Researchers at the University of Auckland conducted an online survey to examine knowledge, attitudes, and practices of people working in education sector in New Zealand between September and November 2021.

The survey was funded by a University of Auckland Faculty Research Development Fund. Over 400 participants completed the survey and included primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, Resource Teachers: Learning and behaviour (RTLB) and learning support, and clinicians (i.e., psychologist, speech language therapist). The demographic characteristics of the sample were similar to the demographics reported in the school workforce data collection, although it was more skewed towards female participants.

Most participants were aware of FASD, but many self-identified as only having a basic understanding of FASD. Majority of the participants indicated that FASD was relevant to their work, but very few felt very prepared to support or educated a student with FASD. Less than half reported they had training related to FASD or any other neurodevelopmental disorder in the last five years. Many were not aware of the FASD resources and online training provided by Te Pou.

The findings suggest that more resources are needed to support educators so that they can meet the needs of students with FASD in their care. This includes education resources to help teachers understand FASD and the common challenges associated with FASD as well as in-class support and specialist support so they can accommodate the needs of children with FASD.

Chu, J.T.W., McCormack, J., Marsh, S., Bullen, C. (2021) Knowledge, attitudes, and practices towards Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in New Zealand Educators: An online survey, Manuscript submitted for publication.