Whānau Direct


About the scheme 

FASD-CAN is very happy to be able to offer grants of up to $500 to FASD-CAN members: individuals with FASD, parents, caregiver, grandparents and whānau. Grants are available to help purchase products, support or services which will improve the situation of those affected by FASD in some way. The scheme is not available to professional FASD-CAN members.

You’ll need to fulfil some criteria as follows:  

  • You must have been a member of FASD-CAN for a minimum of three months.
  • You must be a resident of Aotearoa/New Zealand and be living in Aotearoa/New Zealand. 
  • You must be an individual impacted by FASD OR a caregiver/whānau of an individual impacted by FASD.

    Please n
    ote: in recognition of the difficulty of FASD diagnosis in Aotearoa, 'an individual impacted by FASD' includes those not only with a formal diagnosis of FASD but also those who can satisfy FASD-CAN that they are 'very likely' to be living with FASD.
  • The funding must be used to cover or go towards any of the following:
    • an asset that will improve life for an individual or family living with FASD (tablet or laptop)
    • wellbeing support which may include respite care, activities (such as art classes, gym membership or sports) for those living with FASD
    • diagnosis, counselling or alternatives therapies costs
    • FASD-specific equipment such as sensory toys or blankets
    • Travel expenses to access services or support e.g. travel expenses to FASD support group meetings or hui
    • training or workshops to upskill those living with FASD
    • educational support e.g. teacher aide or extra tutoring. 

Note: There is a maximum of $500 per family/individual per year, which may be given in separate grants.


How to apply 

Please fill out the application form below. (Note that you will receive a confirmation email once you submit this form – if you do NOT receive confirmation, please check your junk folder and if any further problems, please email us.)

Your application will be assessed by a sub-committee and you’ll be advised of the outcome, usually within a couple of weeks. For successful grants, payment can be made either directly to the product or service provider or directly to you at the discretion of the sub-committee.  

Depending upon the volume, applications will be assessed based on: 

  • value for money
  • meeting the requirements generated by the applicant’s FASD related needs
  • the possible need to scale amounts granted depending upon the number of applications. 

We pledge to ensure you will be treated with respect and dignity throughout your application process.  

Note: if you do become a recipient of the Whānau Direct Grant Scheme, you will be required to provide feedback about your experience which may be provided to the Ministry of Health to potentially help obtain funding for future grants. This feedback can be anonymous if required.  


PLEASE NOTE: Unless you are logged in to this website as a member, and you have been a member of FASD-CAN for over three months, you will NOT be able to access the form below.

If you are have been a member for three months but are unable to access the form, it may be because the membership information (name or email) we hold differs from that which you are using. If you encounter problems please contact [email protected] 

Legal notes 

  • FASD-CAN reserves the right to carry out audit checks on the utilisation of the funds. 

  • The subcommittee assessing and processing applications will be appointed by the National Board who may change membership of the subcommittee from time to time. 

  • Subcommittee members will ensure there are no conflicts of interest by stepping aside from the process in relation to an application received from a close friend/associate or whānau. 

  • The process will be conducted in accordance with the FASD-CAN privacy policy. 

  • Successful applicants will be required to provide receipts/invoices either before receiving the funding, or agree (with a signed acknowledgement) to send afterwards. 

  • FASD-CAN will process applications expeditiously and make prompt payment. 

Kia ora , Whanau Direct applications are for members only whom have joined more than 3 months previously. If you think you should have access to this form but don't please contact us