FASD-CAN Advocacy

Speaking up for our whānau

FASD-CAN endeavours to enable the voices of families caring for individuals with FASD to be heard when policy matters which affect us are being considered. To this end we have provided submissions, participated in meetings with policy makers and practitioners and participated in consultations on a range of matters where FASD is in the mix – justice, education, social work practice, prevention of FASD and more.  

As an organisation we don't advocate for individuals, although some of our members actively assist others in advocating for their tamariki. That's the power of a network! We will provide our input to represent whānau when there appears to be a systemic issue affecting a number of them.  

Our advocacy role

  • To raise public understanding of FASD and the needs of individuals and families. 
  • To engage with government and government departments to improve outcomes for people with FASD and their families and to reduce the incidence of FASD. 
  • To encourage good practice – for example by disseminating information to professionals supporting individuals with FASD, providing generic advice to employers and collaborating on guidelines.