Alcohol and Pregnancy – UK tool kit

Globally, messages around drinking alcohol in pregnancy have historically been confusing, previously leaving maternity staff unclear about what is best advice. Midwives have reported anxiety about discussing alcohol and a lack of knowledge about alcohol screening and guidance.

This toolkit, released in June 2023 by the National Organisation for FASD in the UK, includes an interactive e-learning course designed to help midwives and other maternity staff to understand the latest alcohol and pregnancy policy and guidance, which are the same as ours here in Aotearoa. It also suggests ways to have effective conversations about alcohol and pregnancy in an informed and compassionate way.

It also includes excellent information in a variety of formats (some interactive) on alcohol and FASD for women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

"The new Alcohol and Pregnancy e-course is really accessible with videos and complicated information provided in bite-sized chunks. It’s an easier way to learn about alcohol use in pregnancy and FASD rather than simply reading about it in a textbook. The course includes case studies which provide examples of how interactions might look and the outcomes that might be achieved. This helpfully shows Midwives to see how their interventions might look in their day to day work." - Specialist Midwife in Drug and Alcohol Use

Click here to access the toolkit, and please feel free to share!