CJ Lutke: 'This is what I know' blog

CJ Lutke was born in 1984 and was diagnosed with FASD when she was a baby. She was adopted by her foster family when she was five, along with an older brother and sister who also have FASD. 


CJ has  had many struggles so far in her life as you can imagine, but has for many years been a member of Changemakers, a group of adults with FASD who are challenging ideas about possibilities and outcomes for those with FASD.

She has spoken on FASD at many conferences, seminars, training sessions and other events over 20 years. She provides advice and consultation and participates as an advisor to research projects, including in health reform and in law and justice settings. 

CJ was the co-leader on the Changemakers first 'Lay of the Land Survey' on the health and physical issues of adults with FASD that was published in 2020 and has received wide international attention. She is currently the lead author on their second Lay of the Land Survey on the 'Quality of Life of Adults with FASD'. 

CJ believes that those with FASD must challenge perceptions about possibilities and outcomes for those with FASD. Her goal is to help others with FASD find their voice and to understand that we are greater when we work together

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