Common workplace problems and solutions

Here are some common challenges together with FASD-friendly accommodations that other employers have found to be helpful.


'They need to pay more attention to instructions.'

We have a board where we post all important daily information. We teach all our staff to refer to it every day. We'll remind our employee with FASD to check the board every day.


'They need to be a better listener.'

We'll put them with a work buddy who will be on hand to repeat instructions. We'll make sure they are with someone who is patient.


'They need to be responsible for their own time management.'

We have set break times and a team co-ordinator who ensures everyone is back at work at the right time.


'They need to form independent work habits and take responsibility for their own learning.'

We have a training co-ordinator who will work closely with them on the job (supported hands-on learning). We use the TIPS method of training: Tell, Illustrate, Practice, Support.


'They find it hard to transition well from task to task.'

We'll help them repeat the same task until they are fully competent at it and before moving them on to more complex tasks. We know that repetition and routine is key.


'They break the rules and can sometimes be defiant.'

We will ensure they are surrounded by a great team with good work ethic to ensure they are steered in the right direction.


'They need to be socially isolated as they are a distraction to others.'

We encourage social interactions to build a sense of being part of the team.


'They have not fulfilled the criteria and will not get a certificate/award.'

We recognise outstanding performance of individuals but we also encourage and reward team effort.


'They are difficult to manage in the afternoons.'

We'll trial them with full time hours and can scale that back if they become too fatigued.


'They need to start making choices for their own learning.'

We'll ensure a static work environment for them with set hours in the same department with the same colleagues. Choices to move to other departments will be limited.