Current care practices harming our children: Prof Anita Gibbs

An article by Professor Anita Gibbs in the wake of her input into the recent Abuse in Care investigation highlights the harm done to our tamariki with FASD when they go undiagnosed in a care system which punishes neurodisability.

• We are failing to have the infrastructure and competence to screen, assess and diagnose those with neurodisabilities early.

• The emotional and financial costs associated with teenage tracking into the justice system massively outweighs the costs of early assessment and support. 

• Fundamentally, no child born with permanent brain differences and assessed as having a serious disability should be in our youth justice system where they are continuously punished by a 'behavioural' model which doesn't work for them.

Click here to read Professor Gibbs' further hard-hitting insights and recommendations.


Article published July 16, 2022 in VOLUME 34 • NUMBER 2 • 2022 AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND SOCIAL WORK