Fact Sheets on FASD

Welcome to our new series of fact sheets on FASD.


FASD and Sleep

Sleep can be a major issue for people with FASD. Although it has not been formally, scientifically investigated, it is widely accepted that neurodiversity brings challenges that routinely include sleep problems and these can significantly impact day to day life for the individual, caregivers and whānau alike. This fact sheet lists some of the problems and a list of suggestions for changing sleep routines for the better. 

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Mental Health and Suicide

The significant challenges that people with FASD face make them very vulnerable to poor mental health, which can lead to self-medication with alcohol or substances and suicidal ideation. This fact sheet is a sobering look at the facts and figures of the increased mental health issues associated with FASD. Our tips for boosting mental health in rangatahi / young people can be read here

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