FASD around the world

FASD awareness has been gaining traction around the globe for some time now, and there are national FASD groups in many countries. 

Here is a list of those we refer to regularly.



NoFASD is funded by the Australian government and provides information, resources, training. FASD-CAN has used some of their resources in developing specific resources for caregivers in New Zealand.

FASDhub was set up to be a repository of all information relating to FASD in Australia. It endeavours to provide information which is current and evidence based.



CanFASD - Canada’s first and most comprehensive national Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) research network

FASCETS - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Consultation, Education and Training Services - Canada East

FASD Network Saskatchewan – a site which, like us here at FASD-CAN, began with a group of parents hoping to provide support. The difference is that this group started in 1993 – twenty years ahead of us.

The Asante Centre 

United States 

FASD United

The United Kingdom

National organisation for FASD

UK FASD Alliance