FASD Basics For Educators

Below are links to two recent (2023) 'overview' resources for educators who have a student or students with FASD.

• 'Key Facts about FASD for Educators', a downloadable pdf from Dr Vanessa Spiller in Australia. 

This document looks at differences in brain function in students with FASD specifically from the point of view of an educator. Some neurodevelopment information is essential for teachers to be able to understand the differences between symptoms and behaviours and how best to accommodate both. 

• 'Building Block for Success: Understanding and supporting children with FASD in the school environment', a webinar recorded in November 2023, hosted by FASD Hub Australia and Learning With FASD .

Experts in education, paediatrics, and occupational therapy provide an overview of the common challenges that children with FASD may face in the classroom, as well as strategies to set them up for success. 

Click on the pic below to access the webinar.