FASD-CAN pānui

We have created some downloadable flyers which can be printed and given to the relevant people to help educate, support and upskill them around FASD.

General graphic info sheet on FASD in Aotearoa

We've recently re-developed our one-page overview of FASD in NZ – it's handy to print or email this link to anyone requiring some quick, graphically-presented facts.

Download it here.

Communicating FASD-style

Our double-sided KISSSSSS (Keep it Short, Simple, Same, Slow, Specific & Show) strategy is helpful for anyone who needs to communicate with people who have FASD.

Download it here.

For Caregivers

Our one-page 'I am a Caregiver' flyer details the requirements of a tamariki / rangatahi and adult with FASD, with some of the challenges and strategies in your role as their caregiver. 

Download it here.

For Educators 

• Our double-sided 'Hey Teacher!' flyer for educators can be used by educators as a first-response resource for a quick reminder of strategy when dealing with ākonga with FASD.

Download it here.

• 'I am' flyer – this is one-page info sheet about your child which is filled in by whānau and given to their teacher. It's helpful for kaiako to have individualised info that they can keep on file to refer to, which gives helpful tips about a child's specific strengths, challenges and tips on strategies that work for that individual – because the person that knows your child best is you!

It's an interactive Word document that you can type straight into. We've also included an example sheet that's already filled in.

Download the sample file here and the blank document for you to fill in here.

For Support Staff (including educators)

• This one-page flyer is helpful for any support staff and has 11 informative strategies on specific challenges for those with FASD around memory and organisation, focus and attention, impulsivity and inhibitions and emotional regulation.

Download it here.

For Justice Workers and Police

This double-sided flyer gives some basic introductory information about FASD to police and justice workers. 

Click here to download.


For Employers

FASD-CAN's double-sided pānui for employers of people with FASD is intended to be used as a strategy reminder for supporting their employees

Click here to download. 


Extra information

• Ten Brain Domains – this one-page info sheet shows the parts of the brain that are required to be significantly affected to get an FASD diagnosis.

Click here to download.