The FASD Navigator


The purpose of the Navigator role is to mentor and support families, whānau, and caregivers to better cope, care for, and manage tamariki/children and rangitahi/young people impacted by prenatal exposure to alcohol.

Our first FASD Navigator was contracted to begin in July 2021 in Tāmaki Makaurau, and we are hoping in time to achieve the funding to set up similar roles across the motu/country. Although similar roles have been proven to be extremely necessary internationally, the role was set up as a pilot here in Aotearoa, with the primary tasks of:

  • Establishing a face-to-face whānau, parents/caregivers support group or supporting an existing one in the region
  • Providing advocacy and support for whānau, parents and caregivers
  • Providing education to whānau, parents and caregivers, as well as service providers
  • Networking with the disability sector to raise awareness of FASD
  • Developing a regional resource of FASD informed providers in the pilot region
  • Building relationships with professionals and service providers across sectors.

Anna Gundesen

Anna is our very first Navigator, with the Auckland region to look after. After a few months in the role, Anna gave a short presentation at the FASD-CAN Annual Hui on 30 October 2021. Anna is also a member of the FASD-CAN board – read more about Anna's background here

She speaks of going into homes, schools and local meeting places to support and whānau and educators; she talks of learning, hope and resilience and the other Values of FASD-CAN which form the basis of her mahi. 

Click here to see her speak on video (14min) about the first four months of being the inaugural FASD-CAN Navigator.

UPDATE: Read our story on Anna's first year as Navigator here and how she came to the role in the first place – as a mother.


Anna video grab