FASD: the basics for ALL professionals

In Aotearoa New Zealand, we are sadly behind other parts of the world in terms of specific resources for professionals who may routinely deal with individuals with FASD, but there is a wealth of resource internationally, particularly in Canada, America, Australia and the UK.

Australian and Canadian studies are comparable with New Zealand because of our similar social/alcohol cultures and indigenous populations.  

In these tabs you'll find some specific information on FASD for 'frontline professionals' – a group defined as including 'anyone who encounters people with FASD in the course of their everyday work, and who is not a specialist in working with FASD and other neurodevelopmental impairments. For example, police, early childhood professionals, teachers, social workers, youth workers, counsellors, those working in kaupapa Māori services, other social services, courts, and health professionals for whom FASD and other neurodevelopmental impairment is not an area of specialisation.'

Below there are a few essential resources for ALL frontline professionals to begin with when interacting with individuals with FASD.

This excellent 3-minute video from Canada's wonderful Asante Centre is worth watching for quickly getting up to speed. It's narrated by Katrina Griffin, a member of the Changemakers, a group of Canadian adults with FASD who consult and talk globally about the disorder.