Gilberto Spencer Podcast

Gilberto Spencer discovered he had FASD aged 33. Now he does a podcast about neurodiversity.

Gilberto wasn’t aware he had FASD until 2020 when he was also diagnosed with ADHD, chronic stress, anxiety and depression amongst other conditions.

After trying all the available and traditional routes – psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors, he came across Life Coaching and after experiencing the life-changing results, he decided to become a Life & Brain Coach himself to help others. With humour and total honesty, Gilberto tells his own story about FASD and also passes on some great tips and tricks for others to manage their own.

He says: "The worst part of having FASD, is not having it, but not knowing that you have it. Remember that "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." It was painful not knowing I was a fish because I would hate myself every day for not being able to climb the tree no matter how hard I tried. Learning about my FASD was bittersweet, it was good to know, but at the same time when I read " Irreversible and permanent brain damage caused by alcohol," my heart fell. The feelings that overwhelmed me were devastating; however, I've pulled myself out of there and I'm proud to say that have come a long way."

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