IHC Inclusive Education campaign

On September 19, IHC launched a national campaign calling for inclusive education for all neurodiverse learners. They ran a began with a full-page ad in national newspapers.

They had rallied 65 other organisations, including FASD-CAN Inc, to stand beside them.
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LATEST UPDATE (October 11): IHC’s pre-election online forum line-up on 6 October saw a high level of agreement that the current education system does not work for disabled and neurodiverse students. Minister Jan Tinetti (Labour) Erica Stanford (National), Teanau Tuiono (Green), Toni Severin (Act) and Erika Harvey (NZ First) all committed to work across party lines to build an education system that works for ALL.

Click here for a post-political forum roundup, with a link to the recorded hui. 

UPDATE: The organiser of this campaign, IHC's Trish Grant, wrote about the initiative in The Post on September 28 – click here to read


On October 6 from 6-7pm, IHC hosted a political forum to ask leaders of all parties how they will ensure the education system works for all.

Each party spoke for five minutes on their plans to build an education system that works for ALL ākonga.

Click here for the flyer about the forum.