Meltdowns and Dysregulation


Most parents and caregivers of tamariki and rangatahi with FASD have experienced meltdowns – you are not alone! They can happen anywhere and if it's in public, we all feel that others will jump to the conclusion that we are bad parents if we don't 'discipline' the child or young person.

However, once a meltdown has begun, there's not a lot that you can do except change the environment if you can – UNLESS perhaps you have learned about, taught your child and practised (while relaxed!) some self-soothing skills.

These skills are important for those with FASD to learn early because as they grow up they can instead develop unhealthy self-comfort tools such as alcohol or substance abuse. 

It's really hard to keep your own cool in a meltdown too, but here are some good educational options to help you be ready to cope in any situation.


Four tips to teach self-soothing skills

FASDsuccess with Jeff Noble – Barb Clark FASD Educator on serious meltdowns


Nate Sheets of Oregon's Cognitive Supports has some particularly helpful videos on escalation - see below. 

Five unhelpful responses we have to escalated kids and adults