Mental Health and Suicide

• FASD-CAN recently published an Info Sheet on mental health and suicide for those with FASD. Sadly, it makes for sobering reading. 

"Due to the estimated prevalence of FASD in Aotearoa, and the greatly increased risk of suicide in this population, we believe FASD makes a significant contribution to our national suicide statistics. However, current initiatives do not address the extremely poor mental health outcomes and high levels of suicidality found specifically among the FASD population, or the workforce capacity building required to improve the level of FASD knowledge and training required across the entire mental health workforce."

Click here to read and/or download.

• CANFASD published a two-part video series (each is one hour long) in September 2023 on FASD, Mental Health and Suicidality. It was hosted by Dorothy Reid, and presenters Dorothy Badry, Kelly Harding, and Stephanie Howe shared their findings and the implications of a multi-phase research project focused on stakeholder perspectives of risk factors and opportunities for suicide prevention in FASD populations.

Watch Part One here.

Watch Part Two here