Where can I get more info about drinking in pregnancy?


Your GP or Lead Maternity Carer (midwife) will be a good source of information. If you are struggling to stop drinking, they may refer you to Child Development Services or Alcohol and Drug Services at your local DHB.

The Alcohol and Drug Helpline has service directories and lots of helpful info – check the website or call 0800 787 797

Alcohol Healthwatch

• Actionpoint - Communities targteting alcohol harm

Fetal Alcohol Network NZ or call 09 5207037

• Te Hiringa Hauora– Māori Health Agency

 Know FASD – Alcohol in utero knowledge base
Click here for a great interactive tool which shows how FASD may present across a person’s lifespan

• Don’t know, don’t drink
Click here for a FAQ brochure prepared by the Health Promotion Agency