A parent's (and teen's) story


This is a 20-minute presentation by Professor Anita Gibbs of the University of Otago. Professor Gibbs is a much-respected lecturer in sociology and criminology and is a registered social worker. Her research studies have included electronic monitoring, mental health, adoption, transcultural parenting, defining social work research, auto-ethnography, and FASD and its effects on families. Anita also facilitates a parent support group for families caring for individuals with FASD in Dunedin.

Anita and her partner have a birth daughter and two boys they adopted from Russia. She shares here a remarkable joint presentation with her teenage son Dima in the context of their own experiences in the NZ justice system. 

What Works Well and What Doesn’t Work so well for young people with FASD in the Youth Justice System in Aotearoa New Zealand’ was part of a two-day virtual conference, 'Let's Continue the Conversation' at the Lakeland Centre for FASD in Canada in October 2021. 

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