The FASD-CAN Handbook

The FASD-CAN Handbook is a valuable toolkit of FASD strategies that’s packed with Aotearoa-specific information, advice, strategies and tips, and will help make life easier for caregivers, whānau or frontline professionals supporting an individual with FASD.

Recent feedback from a founding member of FASD-CAN: "I received a copy of the Handbook in the post today. Goodness – what a wonderful resource you have all developed! Very impressive and how awesome for all those new families joining FASD-CAN. It’s amazing how far we have come since the day I first learned about FASD. I remember very well the hours of trawling through dial up internet to find information... Congratulations to you all and the team who brought this together!"

The hardcopy of the Handbook is helpful to keep by your bed, take along to your kura/school, or show your whānau, but we also have a digital edition which will is also available for download. If you're a member of FASD-CAN you can simply click the link below, if not, just fill in your details before you download (please note: your contact details will be kept secure and not used by FASD-Can except to count the number of people accessing the resource). 

The FASD-CAN Handbook has been adapted from the FASD Toolkit produced by our Australian colleagues, NOFASD, and we are very grateful for their permission to use it as the basis of an Aotearoa-specific resource.


• When you become a member of FASD-CAN you'll receive a free printed copy of the Handbook; all current members have also received a printed copy.

• For professionals, a printed copy costs $25, including postage. 

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