The role of tane in FASD

Partners and fathers are enormously important when it comes to FASD. 

Of course, the first role they play is in supporting their partners in an alcohol-free pregnancy, but if a diagnosis of FASD has been reached, there are many ways men can input into support, including as fathers or being mentors to young people, peers and role models.

Elizabeth Elliot, Chair of the advisory group for FASD-Hub Australia introduces this recording of a webinar on the subject held in September 2022 about the male role in FASD. 

Click here to watch the video.

Other resources mentioned in the webinar can be accessed here: 

Michael and Lina's story

• Tristan's Story

• The Fathering Project

In Aotearoa, we have a few support websites specifically for fathers including: 

Great Fathers

Fathers for Families (ten week course through Family Success Matters)

and many more on Health Navigator NZ.