Towards Healthy Outcomes (THO) Framework 2024

People of all abilities need to feel as though they have a purpose and that they are able to contribute meaningfully to society. The pathways to positive, successful life experiences for complex populations, such as those with FASD, may be unique and not necessarily in line with systematic approaches. 

The Canadian ‘Wrap 2 FASD Coaching Partnership Project’ is considered globally to be one of the benchmarks of research and best-practice interventions. Their ‘Towards Healthy Outcomes’ (THO) Framework has been developed to help support interventions across the lifespan. It provides us with a roadmap that can help us to think carefully and proactively about healthy pathways to success for those with FASD.

It brings together the latest evidence-based information on issues affecting people with FASD in ten main domains:

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Attachment and Relationships
  • Social Competency
  • Mental Wellness
  • Education and Skill-building
  • Identity
  • Interdependence
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Parenting with FASD

Underpinning the framework is goal-orientated planning and activities, focusing on strengths, not challenges, and the use of a lifespan perspective to enable continuity of care and support. 

The Towards Healthy Outcomes Framework “provides a structure that can guide consistent and integrated practice” across people and agencies supporting those with FASD. If used collaboratively, it allows for a shared understanding and approach of this mahi. The goal is to promote well-being and generate opportunities for meaningful success. 

The model is founded on core beliefs that reflect integration of the research with wisdom from communities and caregivers, as well as the lived experiences of those with FASD.

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