Workbridge - help for employers


If you're an employer who has made the wonderful decision to help a neurodiverse individual into a job, Workbridge is a fantastic place to start your journey. 

As the largest New Zealand-owned employment agency for people with a disability, injury or illness (22 service centres nationwide), Workbridge fills up to 4000 job vacancies each year – at no charge to employers or jobseekers.

Services to employers include: 

  • job matching
  • advice on interview and making the recruitment process accessible
  • assistance to access funding for disability-related costs, if required
  • support with induction, on-site training and making reasonable accommodation if required
  • post-placement support for up to a year or longer if required

Workbridge supports workplaces to become confident in hiring people with a disability and can assist employers who require as little as five hours’ work a week. They can help with vacancies, internships and work experiences for disabled jobseekers.

Go to the Workbridge website.